New MERS-CoV case with known camel contact

UPDATE 22-Mar-2014: There are now 11 cases with reported camel contact (5 in KSA) but the details of this post still stand.

Reconsiling Flutrackers MERS-CoV case list with epidemic's.

This page has been removed because the discrepancies have been resolved.

Real-time characterization of the molecular epidemiology of an influenza pandemic

We have a new paper out in Biology Letters showing what you might be able to learn about an emerging epidemic from viral sequences if they are made available in close to real-time:

Hedge J, Lycett SJ & Rambaut A (2013) Real-time characterization of the molecular epidemiology of an influenza pandemic. Biology Letters Open access.

New MERS-CoV genomes released from Al-Hasa outbreak

4 sequences from the Al-Hasa hospital outbreak have now been isolated and deposited in GenBank by Cotten,M., Watson,S.J., Palser,A.L., Gall,A., Kellam,P., Zumla,A., Memish,Z.A  and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Health, Riyadh 11176, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The genbank links are: KF186564-KF186567.

MERS-CoV Italian case linked to Jordan

The Italian Ministry of Health has reported a case of an Italian national who had visited Jordan being confirmed with MERS-CoV on his return to Italy. This is striking because since the earliest known cases of MERS-CoV in Jordan in April 2012, no other cases have been reported there.


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