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Updated novel human CoV case map

I have updated the map of novel human coronavirus cases in the Arabian Peninsula to include the latest cluster of 10 cases in Alhasa in the Eastern Province of KSA:

Updated phylogenetic analysis

I have updated the phylogenetic analysis of each of the gene segments to add the latest 2 human cases. This doesn't change the major interpretations but adds some interesting additional detail with a few gene segments for a few of the outbreak viruses being more divergent than the rest. This implies more recent or ongoing reassortment in the reservoir population from which the human cases are emerging.

New map of H7N9 human cases

I have posted an interactive map I have been working on which displays the geographical distribution of human cases of H7N9 virus. This is work in progress and new features will be added over the coming days.


New human H7N9 cases in North and Eastern provinces

I have added a few more locations of recent human cases to the map. This is no longer trying to track individual cases but shows the geographical distribution of cases:

hCoV - update

I have updated the novel human coronavirus analysis to include a 5th genome. This is from the Munich/Abu Dhabi case and the sequence was kindly provided by Christian Drosten, Institute of Virology, University of Bonn Medical Centre. This new analysis gives a similar rate and TMRCA as before with the new sequence grouping with the more recent, Qatar/England-1 and England-2 sequences.




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