MERS-CoV spatial, temporal and epidemiological information

Distribution of cases

Temporal distribution of cases by country, age, gender and clinical outcome. Drag to select time ranges or age ranges, click on bars to include/exclude. Select the 'primary' bar in 'By cluster' to filter out those known to be secondary cases. Country is by probable location of infection.

This list of cases does not include the 113 additional laboratory confirmed cases reported to the WHO on 3 June 2014. These date from May 2013 and include 34 deaths.

Notes: The live data files for these graphics are now hosted on my GitHub repository: MERS-Cases. Please feel free to fork and update these files. Push changes to update the page. The list of cases has been gathered from various sources including WHO bulletins and media reports. It contains some cases that were not laborary confirmed (but are extremely likely). There will be inaccuracies and omissions and it should be considered illustrative of the current situation. Thanks to Paul Wikramaratna for extensive work on this list to keep it as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

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Visualisations coded using Leaflet, CrossFilter, D3.js, dc.js and a few other bits and pieces.