Initial N9 Neuraminidase Tree

We gratefully acknowledge the authors, originating and submitting laboratories of the sequences from GISAID’s EpiFlu™ Database on which this analysis is based. A list of the sequences, their submitting labs and GISAID links is provided on this page.


hxn9_eurasian_39_SRD06_relaxLn_skyride_1.combined.figTree.pngEurasian N9-NA (segment 6) from avian complete genome sequences, and the new H7N9 NA sequences were analysed in BEAST, using the SRD06, relaxed log normal clock and GMRF skyride.  The estimated time to most recent common ancestor of the N9 neuraminidase of the new human cases is 2011.43 (95% HPD: 2010 - 2012.45).